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Abhishek Choudhary

Founder & Mentor


Abhishek Choudhary is the founder and managing partner of AyeAI Consulting - a startup developing IaaS for scientific and cognitive computing towards accessible healthcare.

He is also the MD of Interglial Healthcare and acting CEO of Vyas Labs.

Prior to starting AyeAI, Abhishek worked for IBM for over 7 years as a Senior Architect responsible for seeding and growing Power Hypervisor IO virtualization and firmware from Power 7 to Power 9 processor families, qemu based system simulation, and was one of the founding architects for PowerAI (currently called ‘Watson Machine Learning Accelerator’)

In a career of over two decades he conceptualized and built internationally awarded telemedicine devices ( HMSEI / RDK / Dr Rho ), blended reality autonomous vehicles ( TARA ) and cognitive robots ( ANGEL ).He has also worked for Hewlett Packard as a platform architect for software defined networking, a Cummin franchise on industrial automation and intelligent vehicles and a UK based fintech provider on intelligent regulatory reporting. Accomplished innovator with multiple patent filings and publications, he has been a pioneer in inclusive technologies having developed Hindawi Programming System for systems programming in Hindi and other Indian languages.

He is multidisciplinary trained in Pre-clinical Medicine, Neural Engineering, Medical Devices Technology, Telemedicine, Remote Diagnostics, Augmented Reality, Robotics & AI (Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Analytics and Data Sciences).Qualifications also include MBA, Law, Clinical Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy and Genetic Anthropology. He started as a freelancer in 1996 working on embedded systems and has been an Entrepreneur between 2000 - 2006 building medical devices and autonomous robots. His research areas are Brain Computer Interface and Brain Implants (electro-chemical implants for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and developmental cognitive disorders), Technological Singularity and Transhumanism.

Dr Srija Katta



Dr Srija is the Co-Founder of AyeAI Consulting and heads Company Operations and Pharma lab. She is a Director at Vyas Labs Pvt Ltd and Interglial Healthcare (OPC) Pvt Ltd.

She is a passionate Entrepreneur experienced in Startup Strategy, New Product Road Map, Requirement Analysis, with skills in Artificial Intelligence for Pharma and Healthcare. She was one among the invitees of Roundtable “Transforming Primary Healthcare – Leveraging Technologies” at NASSCOM Technology and Leadership Forum 2019. She was an invited speaker for IEEE CIS Summer School 2018 and has delivered a hands-on session on topic “AI in Healthcare.” Dr Srija is also familiar with Course Design, Seminars and Workshop delivery.

Dr Srija is a Clinical Pharmacist (Doctor of Pharmacy) by profession, trained in biz-ops like Regulatory Compliance, Banking Operations, HR Management, Public Relations, Business Development, Collaterals Design, Awareness and Marketing Campaign Design and other technical aspects like GitOps, Website Development among others, She is skilled in Systemic and Conversational Peer Review and has been a Reviewer for a few international conferences and Journals including International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research - 6th Latin America Conference, Brazil - 2017 and 20th Annual European Congress - 2017.

Her professional interests include Artificial Intelligence and Insilico Drug Discovery, Medical Devices, Digihealth, Telemedicine, IoMT. Research interests include Psychoneuroimmunological studies with respect to human epigenetics and social habits. She aspires for Social Welfare and has conducted various Healthcare Awareness Campaign during her graduation days. She actively coordinates the activities of TWISHA - The Women in Self Health Awareness, a health4all initiative by an NGO, Gramsheel Foundation. She has been one among the top distinction holders of the prestigious Ashoka Changemaker Intraprenuership - 2018