Frequently Asked Questions

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How many languages does the Hindawi Programming System support?

All written languages. we have currently volunteers for Hindi, Bengali, and Telugu, we are looking for volunteers to translate into other languages.

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What type of applications can be created using Hindawi?

Hindawi has Assembly, lex, yacc and C. With these any programming language can be created and those programming languages can be used to make any kind of


Hindawi can translate english source code into the language you choose ( for example hindi and make it executable so there will be no change in the functionality

of the application.) Health IT tool like emr, even AI libraries like tensorflow and caffe can be written in any mother tongue language using hindawi or it can

also convert english or any language code into the chosen language using hindawi.

Do you have any example, an application which is developed in Hindawi Programming System from scratch?

Hindawi UI itself has been made in Hindawi, and AyeAM Autonomous Ambulance project and other open source projects are being developed along these directions and we are looking forward to working with the community.

Coding in English has a long legacy, so even though it is not the cognate language for people they have been using it to develop applications.

There is not enough legacy for programming in mother tongue, so hindawi is supporting open source projects of project VIKRAM to bring the concepts of programming

in mother tongue into people and contribute towards a stronger legacy of programming in mother tongue.

How can other people understand my code which I have written in my mother tongue? For example my mother tongue is telugu and I write code for an application

in telugu, how can other coders use and interpret my code,or how can my code get reviewed by my guide who only knows english.

Well, that’s a great question.

a. HPS allows code to be viewed in any supported human language. So I may code in Bangla Guru (C equivalent in Bangla) and you can view it in Telugu, Tamil, or

for even in English

b. Variable names are translated using a very innovative approach.

c. Documentation / Comments translation is supported

Apart from that… The rest of the software engineering processes are actually better as these languages have been co-designed across generations, lines of code,

performance, library support etc are equivalent to (same as) the English version on the OS

How does the Hindawi Programming System Sustain ?

Hindawi is a an open source project, Till now Hindawi has been developed solely with the developers interest and it had received a fellowship from Sarai in 2006 and now Hindawi is looking for grants/funds/ donations from individuals, corporates and government for sustenance and continuous development.

Who is the target audience for Hindawi ?

Hindawi is always a choice for anyone who want to programme in non-english languages. We are also interested in introducing Hindawi Programming System in schools

and colleges along the objectives of New Education Policy 2020 of India. We will be humbled to receive support from the government.

Where can I get trained in the Hindawi Programming System ?

Our partner organizations train people on Hindawi. Links for the courses will be updated on the website time to time

Where can I find the demo ?

Please visit our github repo or click here to see the demo of Hindawi.

I wish to donate ,How do I do that ?

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We wish to partner with Hindawi, How do we do that ?

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