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Project Hindawi

Hindawi is an open-source, complete non-English based systems programming platform supporting all paradigms of programming languages from assembly language to logic and functional programming, which effectively shatters the language barrier allowing non English literates to take up computer sciences and revolution at all levels of technology, from primary school education to robotics and super-computing in their mother tongue, without the need to master English.

It is a suite of open-source Indic programming languages. It includes compilers for the equivalents of C, C++, lex, yacc, assembly, BASIC, Ada etc. in Hindi, Bangla, Gujrati, Assomiya, Nepali and other Indian languages. These localized programming languages are known as Shaili, e.g. Indic C is Shaili Guru, Indic C++ is Shaili Shraenibadha, Indic Assembly is Shaili Yantrik and so on.

The term Hindawi is often used to denote Hindawi Programming System or HPS along with its related projects – Romenagri (a case and diacritic independent compiler-acceptable transliteration system), APCISR (a system for displaying Indic scripts in “true” text-mode), Swaadheen DOS (DOS in Indian languages), and FreeBot Angel (a Indian language understanding autonomous robot). Hindawi is also used as a generic term for other Indian language compiler systems derived from it such as BangaBhasha (compiler system for Bangla programming languages), also developed by our project.


Hindawi Programming System was developed by Abhishek Choudhary between 1995 and 2004. It involved inventing Romenagri compiler compatible transliteration and APCISR character composing methods. The project has been through multiple iterations of updates and major changes since its original release on 15th August 2004.