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Hindawi Programming System is an open-source, complete non-English based systems programming platform supporting all paradigms of programming languages from assembly language to logic and functional programming, which effectively shatters the language barrier allowing non English literates to take up computer sciences and revolution at all levels of technology, from primary school education to robotics and super-computing in their mother tongue, without the need to master English (more info :

DISCLAIMER : Version 1.0 16-Feb-2019 (As accessed on 08-Aug-2020 or later)

Privacy policy and disclaimer:

We (Project Hindawi) collect the following information in good faith for providing you with details about our upcoming products and activities. We do not share your personal information with any third party, and apply data and information security procedures to the best of our abilities.

The information is stored on secure cloud based servers from renowned service providers. Given the complex nature of Internet data and limitations of our control of third party service providers, we may not be in a position to guarantee any service level agreements. By accessing and providing information on this sheet you indemnify Project Hindawi, its partners, principals, employees, agents and other collaborators from any claims of loss arising out of injury, damage, business operations disruption, or otherwise, in the inadvertent event of breach of information security policies.

You must provide only legally valid information about individuals or organisations you represent. Misrepresentation, or representation without authority, or in any other manner repugnant to the laws of the land, may invite legal penalties, and we may be required by law to share access to our databases for investigations in such matters.

Project Hindawi offerings are not supposed to be used in life saving or critical applications without due certification from independent government approved bodies, and written consent from the designated partners of Project Hindawi under at least Class III DSC with a duly registered contract. The nature of computing, artificial intelligence, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and science and technology in general is very complex and constantly evolving. The users are advised to refer standard sources of information before using any information acquired from Project Hindawi, or its associates, even for non-critical or non-life-saving purposes. This document does not form a product offering or contract of service. There is no warranty of any sort provided, not even the implied warranty of fitness for merchantability. We may not be compliant with data protection requirements in US, Europe and other geographies, other than the Republic of India.

All matters and arising disputes are subject only to the jurisdiction of courts in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, and the applicable laws are the laws of the Republic of India as on the date of the creation of this form.

Any information shared with you is Copyright (C) Project Hindawi, unless otherwise specified, or shared from third party sources. The information may not be shared further without permission and you agree to not disclose it to any third party till at least 36 (thirty-six) months from the receipt of such information. Any unintended communication sent in error must be deleted, and shall not constitute public disclosure of the contained information.

(C) Copyright 2019 - 2021 Project Hindawi

Notice: Project Hindawi is claimed as a trademark (TM) by Abhishek Choudhary in India and other geographies. Imitation or unauthorized usage of the trademark or the device shall imply infringement of trademark and copyright holdings which is illegal.

Notice: AyeAI Consulting is providing support to Project Hindawi on a good faith basis. Access to Project Hindawi resources online, offline or by any other means implies the acceptance by the partner, collaborator, user or any other party, to indemnify AyeAI Consulting against any claims arising therefrom. AyeAI contributes to Project Hindawi without any warranty and with zero liability limited to below INR 1/- (one Indian rupee only).